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Industrial Early Intervention Program

On-site Clinics

A therapist will be on-site on a regularly scheduled basis and will consult with those employees with musculoskeletal injuries. This convenient availability allows for early symptom identification and swift intervention, which is the key to resolving employee pain quickly and efficiently. Consultations are normally performed in 10-20 minutes with emphasis on determining the source of pain and providing the appropriate exercise or postural recommendations to resolve the problem. Therapists are also available to visit the employee's work area and make realistic ergonomic recommendations to reduce strain if the issue is work related. In cases where physician consultation or formal physical or occupational therapy is deemed necessary, we can help make the appropriate connections.

Industrial Rehab That Gets Injured Workers Back On The Job Safely

The Hastings Physical Therapy team shares your goal of a safe and efficient recovery and timely return to work. Our licensed physical therapists create customized programs that improve function, work tolerance and body mechanics and reduce the chances of reinjury. We provide the high-quality, advanced rehabilitation services that everyone involved in a Workers' Compensation case can rely on.

Here you'll find excellent service, communication and accessibility to referring doctors and case managers. Additionally, we give injured workers the personal attention and compassionate care that can make it easier for them to comply with treatment. As a result, we are able to get patients back to work sooner, with less chance of reinjury.

How We Can Help Your Company

Hastings Physical Therapy can perform the following functions: In-house consultation for employees with ergonomic symptoms before serious conditions develop. Educating employees with stretching and strengthening exercises they can do to resolve symptoms and stay healthy. Conduct a formal Neck, Arm and Back School for high-risk departments. Assist Human Resources department with physical requirements for job classifications.

For more information on our advanced, personalized care for work injuries or to schedule an appointment for an employee, contact our clinic at 402.462.2665.



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