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Women's Health Programs - Incontinence

Caring for Women

Women have special needs. When it comes to women's health, most women are unaware that physical therapy can help them with such issues as low back pain and incontinence. These and other problems can have a significant impact on a woman's general health and well-being.

We can help. Whether you are dealing with pelvic floor pain, continence issues, neck and back strain caused by the demands of maternity and motherhood or you simply want to get back into pre-pregnancy shape, Hastings Physical Therapy can help. We offer specialized training and a wealth of experience treating women's health conditions.



Urinary Incontinence

Contrary to popular belief, urinary incontinence is not a natural part of aging and it can happen at any age. Often caused by physical conditions, urinary incontinence is often temporary and can be managed with simple treatments.



Aging Women

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