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Orthopedic & Total Joint Replacement Program

Orthopedic injuries are common. Nearly everyone has had shoulder, back, elbow, wrist, knee, hip or foot/ankle problems at some point during their lives. And many people have had total joint replacements to correct such problems. That's why our skilled and experienced therapists create customized orthopedic rehab programs that improve patient function and body mechanics and reduce the chances of reinjury through education.

We provide comprehensive care.

Orthopedic injuries, or injuries to the bones, joints and muscles, can all be helped by qualified physical therapists. A combination of early intervention, advanced treatment and comprehensive hands-on care eases pain and discomfort and speeds recovery from a variety of knee and shoulder injuries. We also help people with total joint replacements and other post-surgical rehab challenges.

Our experienced therapy team customizes treatments and tailors programs for fast, long-lasting results. You'll find hands-on care for all types of orthopedic pain and dysfunction, including:

  • Shoulder and knee rehab for nonoperative pain or injury.
  • Gentle pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation after rotator cuff surgery, ACL repair or total joint replacement. (Hip, knee and shoulder replacements have become common.)
  • Hip pain and post-surgical rehabilitation.
  • Chronic, acute back and neck problems.
  • Foot and ankle pain including conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis pain and chronic ankle instability.
  • Manual therapy, gait analysis and selective use of modalities for pain relief and improved function.
  • Hand therapy.
Total Joint Replacement Therapy

Total Joint replacements are becoming more and more common, particularly in older people with arthritic joints. The bone ends of our joints are covered with a smooth cartilage. Healthy cartilage allows easy, pain-free movement, but cartilage that is damaged by arthritis creates friction and makes joints stiff and painful.

Over 500,000 total joint replacements are now performed in the United States annually. Total joint replacement is one of the great orthopedic surgical advances of this century. It resulted from the pioneering efforts of an orthopedic surgeon who worked with engineers to develop the technology and materials used to make joint replacements for hips, knees and shoulders.

Our mission is to help people function at their best. We want you to move without pain and get stronger to avoid future injuries. So what would you like to do again without pain? Play tennis or golf? Run? Walk? Participate in a team sport? Enjoy a hobby? Just get back to living?

Let our dedicated professionals help you reach your goals safely, effectively and quickly.

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